The Wedding Day Smile, Part I

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Here comes the bride…zilla!

So you’re getting married in let’s say in 2-3-4 months or even a year from now.   You’ve been planning for the big day…

You got the church and the place for the reception
The flowers
The caterer
The cake
Mom’s outfit
The bridemaids and their dresses
The vows
The ring(s)…oops maybe that the groom’s job!
And the photographer and videographer

Wow life is looking pretty good right now until you’re standing there in the mirror looking at yourself trying to figure out what hairstyle will make that veil pop!  Then all of a sudden you smile and YIKES!  OMG!  That one tooth is still out of place!  You start to think…”I really should have gotten those braces when my parents were paying for it!”

Well now it’s crunch time and you want to all of your pictures to show the most beautiful smile in history and your teeth are not ready!  What to do!

If your smile is going to be a major factor in making one of the most memorable and happiest moments of your life complete, I beg of you please, please, please start going to your dentist now for advice as to when you should start getting those whitening treatments or if your need some type of orthodontic work done se an orthodontist.

The whitening process can take several visits or if you’re doing at home it can take several weeks.  Now if you do need some type of orthodontic work, I highly recommend you go to your dentist as soon as possible to get their opinion as to how to get whatever the problem is corrected.  Remember some orthodontic procedures take more time than others all depending on your individual problem(s).  You must allow time for some procedures to work.  There are no miraculous, overnight fixes.

Unless you’re planning on becoming the next inspirational story case on Extreme Makeover, please do yourself, your fiancée, your bridal party and most of all your dentist and/or orthodontist a huge favor and see them as soon as the question is asked and that ring goes on your finger!


We are passionate about promoting healthy, white smiles and hope you are too! What to know how to maintain and beautiful smile? That is what we are here to help you with!

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