Love your Orthodontist…but now your moving away

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Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Among the many decision there are to make when going into orthodontic treat, the decision of what to do when you need to move away from you beloved orthodontist can be a bit stressful.

When a patient starts orthodontic treatment the last thing they have on their mind is what to do if the situation arises where they will need to find an orthodontist.  Unlike when you seek another physician, finding another orthodontist can be a little tricky.

First and foremost, remember all orthodontist do not practice the same.  They may use different type of braces.  Yes I know you’re probably thinking, but a brace is a brace is a brace.  Not always.  As mention in (date blog) there are quite a few varieties of brackets that can be used to treat patients, just as there are a variety of pain killers for headaches.  There are also different but similar mechanics or methods of treatment.  Your goal is to try and find an orthodontist as closely a match to your own orthodontist when or if you have to relocate.

Another factor to keep in mind is there usually is additional cost involved as well.  Yes I know you have been paying or have paid your current orthodontist for all of his or her hard work but the newly selected orthodontist really has nothing to do with what treatment you’ve already paid for.  However, the cost could be somewhat lower than the original cost from your initial treatment.  Now depending on how long you began the original treatment and how much you’ve paid can be a factor that may warrant you getting a small refund from your original orthodontic office, especially if you paid the entire balance long before your is to end, or if your monthly payments are up to date AND you’ve only been in treatment for a couple of months.

Now if your original treatment time was let’s say 24-30 months and you’re going on your 20th month, well…there probably won’t be a refund coming (this is just an example).

Couple of Things to know:

You will need to sign a release form to have your records transferred to the new orthodontist.  There may be a small fee for duplicating your records.  The original x-rays and other records should remain with your orthodontist (they can always be duplicated if need be).

Ask your original orthodontist for a referral to the area where you are moving.  Most offices have an orthodontic directory for providers in and out of the USA.

Once you get to your new destination and select an office where you wish to continue your treatment, have the office call your original office for the transfer of your records.

If you are moving out of the country, notify your orthodontic office as soon as possible so that they can have your records ready to go with you, if you wish.  Note:  For some countries it’s best to take your records with you rather than have them mailed out later.

ADVICE:  Ask your orthodontist ahead of time IF you think there is a chance moving away is a possibility.


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