Are baby teeth just as important as adult teeth?

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It’s funny but over the years I have heard some parents say, “Oh, they’re just baby teeth”, and others will say, “But they’re his/her baby teeth!”

So who’s right and what’s the real answer to this question…Are baby teeth just as important as adult teeth?

Well first let’s think of it this way.  Although babies can’t always express everything they are thinking, they still try to speak, need to eat and of course before vanity sets in, let’s face it babies love to smile!

While a toothless smile is cute, a smile with one or two teeth is even better and only gets better as our babies’ faces grow mature into someone who looks like us or someone we know.   At one time or another in our lifetime we all have marveled at the miracle of baby teeth coming in.

So at this juncture of our conversation, the answer would be YES baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth.

Let’s go thru some other reasons why:

Teeth whether they are baby teeth or adult teeth, they give our faces shape and form, without them our jaws would look like we are sucking on lemons or our jaws would fall into our faces for at least  2 or 3 years and thus weakening our jaw muscles.

Baby teeth hold spaces for our adult teeth when they come in.

Baby teeth are extremely important to the development of chewing and eating of foods as our little ones grow and begin to leave the world of liquid nourishment behind.

Baby teeth are there to help with the development and strengthening of jaw muscles  and tongue movement which in turn helps with speech development.

And last be not least they give us another reason to tell our little ones “SMILE for ME!”



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