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I have been a dental professional for approximately 35 years. I have performed chairside assisting in both the private sector as well as in educational settings. Some of my responsibilities in the dental industry over the years include: research, radiology, photography, secretarial and administrative functions, front desk/reception, clinical and office management.

My specialty is the field of orthodontics, however, I have also worked in pediatric and general dentistry offices.

For years the world of dentistry has been somewhat a mystery to most people especially if they’ve never had to have anything done besides having their teeth cleaned.

I hope this blog will help to answer some of the questions many people have in their minds when or before they enter a dental office and perhaps even unravel some of the mystery behind the doors of your dental office. I will do my best to give you the layman’s version of what you may have heard at the dental visit or give you some insight to what to expect before the visit.

A friendly disclaimer:  Please always seek the advice of an appropriate professional for any issue you may be experiencing.  Articles written are the opinions of the author and not any company at large and are to be considered for informational purposes only.  Advertisements including links may be sponsored and are not necessarily endorsed by any company at large.